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A holiday for everyone!

Every year, youngcaritas offers a series of themed camps, summer camps and ski and snowboard camps in Luxembourg and abroad. Our holiday camps are open to all children and young people aged 4 to 17 and living in Luxembourg or border areas. 




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Frequently asked questions

The children are supervised by a team of young monitors who hold a Monitoring Certificate. They work as volunteers in their free time.

Supervision of the children and young people, accommodation, meals, activities and excursions.

When children or young people go to a camp abroad, they must bring their identity card and social security card.

For camps in Luxembourg, this is not necessary. In this case, we just need a copy of the child’s file.

Yes, they are insured. If you have repatriation insurance for them, let us know so we can avoid double insurance.

You can cancel your registration up to one month before the start of the camp.
After that date, a medical certificate is needed in order to cancel.

If you cancel your child’s registration one month before the start, the amount you have paid will be refunded.

If the child falls ill at the camp or for any reason must leave the camp before the end, you are not entitled to a refund.

If a child taking part in a camp in Luxembourg becomes ill, a parent or guardian must come and take him/her home. If necessary, we will take the child to a doctor or hospital.

If a child falls ill at a camp abroad, we will take him/her to a doctor or hospital. In the event of serious illness, a parent or guardian must collect the child.

If necessary, you can call the mobile phone of the camp. You will be given the number before the camp starts.

In principle, we recommend that mobile phones are not taken to the camp.

Children travelling to a camp abroad may use their mobile phone in the bus. On arrival at the camp, the monitors collect all mobile phones.

In camps for teenagers, the participants may keep their mobile phones.

Please state all allergies on the medical form. The monitors will pass on all necessary information to the cook.

Before the start of the camp, you will receive a list of clothes detailing everything the children need.

It is stated on the clothes list that the children may bring pocket money with them. But this is not an obligation.

Various options are available for benefiting from a reduction. Inquire by email at

For any further question about the organisation of the camps you can email us at or call us on 36 74 68 21 during our opening hours.

If you have a question during the camp, you can speak to the camp leaders. You can call them on the mobile number which you will be given before the camp.