Solidary active!

Solidactive is the portmanteau word for “solidary active”!

All adolescents and young adults are able to show solidary commitment with us – and so can you! We organise activities and projects benefiting disadvantaged people, exchanges within our society, the environment and nature, and in many areas that are important to you.


We are also active internationally. With the YoungCaritas in Europe network, every year we offer projects on a European scale.


If you’re looking for a partner for cooperation or collaboration in an activity, project or workshop, follow the link “Partners” for more information, or contact us.



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Frequently asked questions

Consult the diary to find the activities that interest you and register for them!

In Solidactive, you have the opportunity to accompany and support the participants, or to show your creativity in organising and leading an activity. Contact us for more information.

No, you don’t need a certificate.

Yes, depending on the activity, you can build up practice hours volunteering for Solidactive.

Send us a WhatsApp on 661 367 465 to receive the Solidactive newsletter.

For most Solidactive activities, the language is not important.

Cooperation and collaboration in activities, projects and workshops are very important to us. See the “Partners” section for more information or contact us.