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Would you like to supervise children in the context of a Spillmobil activity, or would you like to work in your municipality in the context of vacation activities? Are you too old to take part in one of our camps but would like to become a camp monitor?

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youngcaritas offers training courses to become a youth leader/monitor that are recognised by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education, Childhood and Youth.

All our instructors are young people who took the same courses some years ago and have since then acquired extensive experience as camp monitors and leaders. They know what they are talking about!

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Frequently asked questions

All our courses take place once a year. Certificates are also awarded once a year by the National Youth Service (SNJ).

You don’t need to have Certificate A in order to take Certificate B and to work as a vacation camp monitor. But starting with Certificate B, the certificates follow on from one another, so you need Certificate B before you take Certificate C.

By the first training weekend, participants must have reached the minimum age.

The courses are taught by young volunteers who have obtained the Trainer Certificate and have many years’ experience as monitors and leaders in our camps.

Accommodation, meals and the teaching materials are included.

The bill must be paid before the first training weekend.

We will send you the rules and a medical form which you must complete yourself (age >18) or with your parents (age <18).

We offer a substitute weekend. To take part, however, you must register separately on our site. If the new date is not convenient, you can take a training weekend with another organisation (SNJ, Red Cross, etc.) and give us the certificate.

During a complete training weekend or week, you must sleep on the premises, because the programme runs into late evening and the aim is to stimulate group dynamics.

If you have not yet found a place to complete the required hours of practice for Certificate A, we shall be glad to help you do the hours. From Certificate B, you can complete your practice hours in youngcaritas camps by agreement with our colleagues.

To be awarded the certificate, you need to have attended the theoretical training and completed the required number of practice hours. Monitor training can also extend over two years if necessary.